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Who We Are

ScaleBirds is the name of our endeavor, which started as a project but may one day become a full business. Our mission is to provide a unique aviation experience. We plan to accomplish this using a combination of factors, but with a focus on producing experimental aircraft kits.

Our experience is in art, design, engineering, robotics, manufacturing, and by degrees, aircraft. We are keen to use these skills to deliver something new to the world of flying. 

We have been working on this project for many years in the planning stages. Now we're moving on to the real deal:


What We're Doing

ScaleBirds plans to eventually design, manufacture, and market kits for single and 2-seat amateur-built sport aircraft. These aircraft, when assembled, will be flyable as ‘Experimental’ aircraft which resemble scale World War II fighters of various models and designs.

Not everyone just wants a P-51 replica, and so to provide pilots with more choices, ScaleBirds aircraft will take advantage of a modular design architecture. This decision should eventually allow for a number aircraft models to be based on a basic frame, all sharing a high number of components and concepts. 

We're in the initial stages of building our first aircraft prototype, the P-36 Hawk. Our own aircraft that will be the basis for whatever comes after. It has been a long road to get here, but we have learned by doing how to turn our ideas into reality. With the engineering mostly behind us, the ScaleBirds project moves full steam ahead towards building something that will fly. 

LiteFighters are single seat sport replicas that are designed to be economical and fun.  We eventually will expand to produce kits of larger two-seat replica aircraft that will be very detailed and powerful expressions of WW2 aviation.

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