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The Verner Scarlett 9S is the biggest and meanest of the Verner engines to date. Each of the 9 cylinders combine to deliver the roar you want in a radial, with the benefits of size density and high power to weight ratio that come with it, to satisfy any lover of the round motor. This engine's 158 HP of direct-drive output will be equally at home pulling a Great War replica, a rugged , or a modern sport performance bird. 

The Scarlett 9S uses a throttle-body fuel system with 2 main injectors and 1 manual, using a compressor/mixer to add positive sir pressure. The engine will happily take both auto & aviation fuels. The electric starter is mounted direct to the back of the case. As with all Scarlett engines, the oil is a dry-sump gravity system with return from the lower cylinders and the bottom of the case, and ignition is controlled by computer and fired by individual coils for each cylinder. The direct drive engine has robust bearings and can effectively swing a large 87” prop at a nice low RPM range. This engine’s torque is as strong as a Lycombing 180 hp engine. The large diameter prop creates tremendous thrust.

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