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The Verner Scarlett 3V is a direct answer to the problem of a light, powerful 4-stroke for real ultralight aircraft. This engine comes in at almost the same weight as the most powerful 1/2 VW conversions, yet generates torque closer to a full 4 cylinder Volkswagen.  This engine can swing a 63” propeller at low rpm, pulling over 200 pounds of thrust. No longer do you have to carry the extra case weight and deal with the design limitations of a chopped motor: the Scarlett is designed from the ground up to be small and powerful, while still delivering all the satisfaction and sound of the real radial it is. 

The Scarlett 3V uses a Walbro diaphragm type carburetor, distributing to all 3 cylinders and will take both auto & aviation fuels. The electric starter is optional, and easily installed or removed. As with all Scarlett engines, the oil is a dry-sump system with return from the lower cylinders and the bottom of the case, and ignition is controlled by computer and fired by individual ignition coils.

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