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Who We Are

Our ScaleBirds mission is to bring new and unique aviation products to the market. Our primary focus is Replica, Retro, and Radial.

ScaleBirds is comprised of a small team from southeastern CT. Our experience is in art, design, engineering, robotics, manufacturing, and of coursel aircraft. We have been using all of our skills and developing new ones in order to deliver something new to the world of flying.


What We're Doing

Since coming up with the name and concept in 2011 our goal has been to develop a core design for modular scaled WWII fighters. Many years were spent researching, experimenting, exploring, engineering, designing, building mock ups, going to airshows and meeting with people in the industry, before finally narrowing down to a specific path.

In 2016 we made an agreement with Verner Motor in the Czech Republic to act as a U.S. dealer and maintenance source for their expanding line of light aircraft radial engines. Since then we have sold and delivered over a dozen Verner radial engines in the US, while supporting many many more on their path to eventually install a real radial on their homebuilt projects. This positions us to offer direct sales and support for the radially-inclined replicas we plan to offer, in addition to those which are already out there.

Our Homebuilt CNC Router cutting center section spar webs.

Our Homebuilt CNC Router cutting center section spar webs.

We're deep into the process of building our first aircraft prototype, a 55% scale P-36 Hawk as the first example of what we call the LiteFighters series of replicas, single seat sport planes, designed to be economical and fun. 

We have also done design work, and built parts for, a larger 2-seat aircraft: a 63% F6F Hellcat, which will be completed as the first example of what we call the SportFighters series.

In addition to the replicas we are designing, our eye for detail has lead us to designing many parts and sub-systems that could find homes in other aircraft. We plan to offer a small catalog of common components that we produce for the general aviation market, and perhaps beyond.

Stay tuned to see what we come up with by following our News Page.

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