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We're trying to build a replica, which for some is the biggest feature that matters. But beyond that, what makes the ScaleBirds Hellcat interesting?

"Modular" Core Airframe

ScaleBirds designs are based on a structural core airframe with Airskins being 'hung' on the outside primarily for aesthetic and aerodynamic purposes. This is so that eventually it will be possible to reuse the core on other designs, and so that the bulk of the aircraft can be built before closing it off with skins. 

Room For Two

The ScaleBirds aircraft will feature room for a passenger in the back seat. The rear seat will have controls and limited instruments available, but its not intended to be a full second pilot. It's definitely more of a ride-along.

Straightforward Aluminum Construction

The ScaleBirds design is familiar aircraft aluminum construction. We want the design to be approachable for the first-timer, yet still provide reward and challenge for experienced aircraft builders.

Folding Wings

The ScaleBirds aircraft will use a 3-section wing, with folding outboard wings that attach to a carry-though center section.

Folding Gear

Landing Gear will for this version be fully retracting, both main and tailwheel, though of course a fixed version would be possible. 

Faux Armaments

What kind of warbird would be complete without a set of machine guns, bombs, and belts of ammo? This Hellcat will have teeth, even if they're just for show. 

Sliding Canopy

The Pilot's canopy will roll rearwards, mounted on tracks just like the original. The passenger's canopy then may hinge open for access.

Radial Power

This Hellcat will be powered by a true radial engine, currently the Rotec R3600.

Fabric Control Surfaces

This bird has fabric feathers, accurate to the original Hellcat. This saves weight where it really matters. 

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