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Memorable Memorial Day

Hey everyone!  We finally finished the Verner radial installation on my Fisher Avenger "R"!  We ran it today for the first time and a second time.  There are a few minor issues and we will get those fixed this week.  Our team is very excited to see it running and to hear it!  Awesome sound!  Can't wait to take it up and see how it climbs!  We still have to do a weight and balance and inform the FAA FSDO office in Windsor Locks, CT and get their direction on the reinstating of phase 1 test period and perimeter for the testing.  I'm expecting something like 5 hrs and 25 miles radius of Westerly State airport.

Some issues we resolved are embarrasing - like my hoses to the fuel filter were swapped.  Didn't know that till we tried to run it and no fuel was getting to the throttle body injectors.  The supply line and the return line were swapped so was pumping fuel back into the tank instead of the engine.  Easy fix but took time to rip out the fuel tank and put it all back together.  Thing is, when I installed it the first time, I studied the diagram and should have done it correctly.  

Well, it is a real radial engine!  Drips oil from the exhaust when parked.  It also smokes a little on start-up.  You still have to hand turn the prop through a few times to prevent oil from causing compression lock.  The Warp Drive prop seems to be huge!  But the blades have a narrow cord and the pitch isn't too heavy.  Should work-out.  In fact, Warp Drive is waiting to hear how this works out and what pitch we finally use.  

For Memorial Day,  I want to say how honored I have been to meet the many veterans I have and how we can't thank them enough.   

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