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Some 9 Cylinder Footage

A number of us from the ScaleBirds team (the ones not dealing with being newlywed) took a trip out to the Czech Republic to visit the Verner Motor home base, and meet with the men responsible for these awesome little engines, to be able to better support owners down the line. First thing we did on arrival was watch them do some static testing of the upcoming Scarlett 9S, which has components in production as we speak. These tests are trying to optimize the intake blower which will benefit the 9 cylinder engine with some moderate pressure boost. 

And at the end is a quick flyby of the Scarlett 7 powered Racek parasol, with me aboard. He did a few laps, cut the power, then put it right back in. Certainly no lack of go in that bird. All three of us were able to get a ride.

I'm still compiling the footage I took of our trip, and will have more updates soon, including behind the scenes at the Verner Motor shop, some glimpses of Czechia, more time with the Avenger, and, of course, more about the LiteFighter.

From L to R: Dave, Pravislov, Sam, Scott, Kamil

From L to R: Dave, Pravislov, Sam, Scott, Kamil

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