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Local Airport Now Has Two Radial Powered Avenger Aircraft Over Its Skies

So after a long time working on the transition of the Avenger from VW power to Verner power, the aircraft has managed to take flight:

Westerly State Airport may be one of the few today that can say it has two Avengers flying out of it that have radial engines, though one is much, much bigger!

This video was very impromptu as was the flight itself, coming (as happens somewhat often with these homebuilts) as the inevitable result of a full-power taxi test. From what I understand though the full-power portion was not to be, the engine never got above 50% the whole flight.  
We'll be back under the cowl to check how everything is holding up after these test runs over the last few weeks and make whatever adjustments we need, then plan out a more official 'first' flight very soon.

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