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The Important Things

Hey everyone.  Its been too long since we blog'd.  A lot has transpired - some good, some bad.  The bad is we missed Oshkosh 17.  I'm so sorry to all the RFA members who came to hear about Verner Motor and their engines. I had planned to be there and had a house reserved and everything.  Was going to give two forums during the week.  I just cannot miss an engagement like that!  However, I could not make it due to personal issues - my wife was away on business for a month, and our daughter needed me in a tough time. It took the family's full efforts to help, and all is now well.  That is all that matters to me.  But the other side of that is that as a working man, I had to spend all available hours of leave, which I had been saving for the Oshkosh trip.  

When my wife did get back, it was a huge relief, but it was too late for us to get back on track of making it to AirVenture.  I appreciate all the support and prayers I've received from the RFA group and all my aviation friends. Well I've learned the important things -  family - comes first and I know that all of you will understand and appreciate that!  

Now for the good!  I've finished the Avenger R - radial install.  First flight was today!  Jenni and Scott and my good friends helped me install all the cowlings and access covers as well as the weight and balance.  The plane was 50 pounds lighter than my VW installation!  My CG is good too.  It was nose heavy.  Scott recorded the taxi testing and flight.  Thanks to my whole crew and to Verner Motor!  I learned a lot about all the system and installation issues one can have.  I had them all!  Worked thru them and can now help others to avoid them.  Oh ya, the flight!  It was awesome!  The Verner purred in the normal fashion of a radial during the taxi testing and run-ups.  Then roared to life on the climb-out.  Wow!  The more throttle I put in - the better it ran!  I have open exhaust stacks which give you the full radial rumble sounds, the smell and warm puffs in your face!  Love it! 

On the LiteFighter side, we made the composite firewall transition ring and fitted it.  All the fwd skins are done now.  Ready for paint.  I've been contemplating making a new tail wheel arrangement to fit the P-40 look.  As I said, the shop was mostly locked-up for June and part of July.  So I'm happy to get back into it on a regular basis and get something going.  I will write much more shortly - You deserve it!   Thanks everyone! 

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