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Verner 9 cylinder in developement

Great news!   Verner Motors has informed us that they are starting development of a 9 cylinder engine!  This one is projected to be 150 to 160 horespower at 2300 rpm.  Weight about 232 pounds.  Displacement of 372 cubic inches and direct drive.  Diameter will be 34.6".  It will be based on the 7Si, but will be a larger case to handle the additional cylinders.

Available in August, but they are taking 40% deposits on the first 10 units at a very big discount.  Call me if you want to get in on it - going fast!  I've already taken two deposits!  This deposit money will fund the development cycle and pay for castings and such.  

Can't wait to see this in some awesome replicas!  It will also be the perfect engine for our 63% Hellcat!  

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