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At the Show!

We were all set up and running at Sun N Fun 2018!  Located at booth space N68 in front of the exhibit buildings, we were getting huge interest and great comments from the attendees.  Many unsuspecting people were snagged by the shape of our P-40/36 tail hanging out the tent.  Then were impressed by a closer examination of our prototype.  We had a brand-new 9 cylinder engine on display and  we also had the sharpest biplane I've seen at our booth.  It is a work of art!  I can't wait to see more and more of our customers aircraft installations.  Each is it's own work of art.  Then, to add to the spectacle, we also had my Fisher Avenger with the 5 cylinder located at the LSA Mall in Paradise City flying field.  I was flying the pattern there most evenings and letting everyone hear the sound of the engine and see some of its performance.   We took pics and video and will post shortly!  

SNF2018 Wed 4.jpg

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