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Heading to Oshkosh 2018

We finally secured a booth space at AirVenture 2018.  Booth 917 is in the Ultralight area - also known as the "Fun Fly Zone".   We were there in 2016 and got a good amount of traffic.  The Homebuilt exhibits area was full so we took the spot we could get.  A mixed blessing, the North exhibits (Homebuilts) get more foot traffic, but the Ultralights exhibits puts us next to the action.  It allows us to fly the Avenger and keep it in the booth.  There is a good chance that two Legal Eagle ultralights with Verner 3VW engines will be there and flying.  We also will bring our 9S and have it on a display stand in the booth.  IF we can arrange a good trailer, we will bring the P-36 as well.  We may display it in the Replica Fighter Association area.  The RFA hq building is near the Warbirds, but closer to the Forum Buildings.  If you are going to AirVenture 2018, please stop by our booth and the RFA!  

Since Sun N Fun, we have been working on the landing gear design and calcs for the wing structure.  We designed an engine mount for putting the 5Si onto the P-36 firewall.  I'm ordering material to make that.  We plan to add some more detail to the fuselage of the P-36 and make it nicer to display.  Meanwhile, I've been repairing some damage to the Avenger from trailer rash and some things I wanted to change out.  I'm about ready to fly her again and plan to get some good video for the site and YouTube.  We are also working on securing a good trailer and a truck to pull it.  Talk soon!

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