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Getting Back at it

Hey everyone.  We've been back now for a few weeks and getting back in the groove.  To be honest, had to take a couple of weeks off and regenerate.  Oshkosh was a fantastic experience for our team!  It was an ordeal as well.  The straight-through drive to the show .  The non-stop work to set-up, arrive early each day, work the booth, stay-late each night and then tear-down the booth, load the trailer and drive straight-through to home was rough.  Our team did get to experience the excitement, energy and enthusiasm for our project first-hand.  That was super motivation!  We met so many people who are interested in the engines and also our replicas.  We also gave two well attended forums at the Replica Fighter Association HQ building during the week.  We then had to get in on the RFA bbq on Friday after the show.  That was fun!  

Getting back into the game now.  Since getting back, I made the fairings for the tail surfaces from composite e-glass.  Hand shaped the foam and glassed them.  Coming along nicely.  Paul and Aaron are busy crunching numbers to finalize the wing structure.  We will be ready to make a test wing - thought we would be done by now but the summer got so busy for everyone that it just didn't happen.  Scott is busy with some paint-ball design projects he is involved with.  Very cool stuff!  He will be getting back into the landing gear and wing cad to finish those up.  We have several engine mounts to be fabricated for customers and for our prototype.  I will be adding some images to this post so hit it again in a few days.

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